Never stiff or awkward, I adore collecting those off-the-cuff moments of your family when the camera is forgotten — and you’re just being you.

Candid touches make the best photos.

A Texas girl born and bred, I’ve always been obsessed with taking pictures. Even as a little kid, I knew my destiny was to be a mom and photographer. Now I’m living out my dream as both. 

While my career began in modeling, I was determined to learn all I could to be on the other side of the camera. Today it’s a joy to be the one snapping pictures. 

I work and live in the Houston area with my husband and daughter. Together, we enjoy taking long walks, playing at the park, baking tasty treats and going on ice cream dates. You can also find me Pinteresting (is that a verb?), binging Fixer Upper, working out, and shopping at Target. 

my story

From fashion model to family photographer







For me, life is best treasured in the uncomplicated details — a bar of chocolate, a vase of freshly picked wildflowers, a Coca-Cola in my hand and a child in my lap.

Loving the simple things